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Why install security cameras for your home or office?

Crime is a harsh reality in South Africa and the more layers of security you have, the better! CCTV security cameras provide you with an excellent layer of security for both the home and office. 

Most crime incidents can be prevented if you know what’s happening on your property. 
CCTV cameras allow you to monitor activity on your home or business 24/7. When criminals know that they are on camera, they will want to go elsewhere to commit their crime.

How to choose a CCTV company

Before choosing a CCTV company, you should decide if you want to rent or buy a CCTV system. Some companies offer both options, while others only offer one.
If a warranty and after sales service is important to you, make sure that the company offers this.
Check your quote carefully and understand what is included: is installation included? Do they include cables, uninterrupted power supplies and connectors?
The CCTV company should also be able to make good recommendations for your CCTV camera needs, taking into account the layout of your premises.

CCTV DVR and Remote Viewing

The CCTV DVR is a standalone digital video recorder for your security cameras so that you can record and playback footage from your cameras. The DVR can also include remote access through mobile phones or Ipad for remote viewing at anytime 24/7.

Full range of Security Cameras and DVR's

There are a wide range of different options to choose from when installing security cameras. From ultra resolution even at night to 360 cameras to cover all directions. The best way to find out what fits your needs and budget is to give us a call and we will give you the best advice. To see the latest CCTV Prices.

Night vision cameras

Night vision CCTV cameras use infrared lights to capture clear and crisp images, even in the pitch dark night. Most good cameras come with a basic night vision default but for really high quality night vision please enquire.

HD CCTV cameras

HD (high definition) CCTV cameras give you excellent image resolution and make it easy to identify suspects and abnormal activities. The crisp, clear images make it easy to make out numbers and small details for criminal investigations.

360 degree cameras

These cameras give you excellent quality images, even in the rain and fog. 

You get a 360 degree view of the area and everything around the camera is captured.


Wired vs Wireless CCTV Options

Before choosing your CCTV system, you need to consider whether you want a wireless or wired system. 

There are pros and cons to both types and it will all depend on your needs. 

Wired CCTV systems

Wired CCTV systems are best suited to larger properties and require cables for the video transmission, power and internet connection.

Pros and Cons to Wired CCTV systems

  • Reliable 
  • Well-suited to large properties needing many cameras
  • Installation time can be lengthy
  • Affected by power outages
  • Lacks flexibility
  • Able to link many cameras whenever needed


Wireless CCTV Options

Wireless CCTV systems utilize a wireless system to transmit your security footage which is stored on the cloud. They are connected to your WiFi network but still need to be connected with a cable to the power course.

Pros and Cons to Wired CCTV systems

  • Installation time is fast
  • Very flexible and perfect for renters 
  • Affected by interference if it is bad
  • Requires a strong wireless signal
  • Like wired systems, they’re affected by power outages
  • Work only within the range of the signal

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What are the best CCTV camera brands in SA?
The following are the top CCTV brands in South Africa:
Can I install my own CCTV system?
Yes, you can but it will take much longer than a professional would take. You may have difficulty mounting the cameras and connecting the cables correctly. Also, you may not know the best places to position the cameras and this could mean that your cameras do not pick up the entire area. CCTV Pros can only take 1 day to install a simple system in a professional way and the prices are surprisingly affordable.
Can CCTV cameras prevent crime?
CCTV camera systems act as a major deterrent against crime. If a criminal sees that you have a CCTV system, they will likely look for somewhere else which doesn’t have a CCTV system. CCTV camera systems are a great, additional layer of security that every home and business should have.
How much does it cost for a CCTV system?
Depending on the type of system you choose and whether you rent or buy, the price can vary. A small system will set you back about R10,000 installed if you buy it or you can choose to rent it / rent to buy.
How long does it take to install a CCTV camera security system?
In most cases CCTV Pros will be able to install a full system for a average 3-4 bedroom house in 1-2 days. For more complex systems it could take up to a week.
Does a CCTV camera system add value to my home?
Yes, it does. It is another great security feature that makes the home’s occupants feel safer and more secure. In South Africa every extra level of security is an added bonus and will help you sell your property if you need to.
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